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The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI) had its beginning in the Association of Nursing Superintendents which was founded in 1905, Lucknow. In the Annual Conference held in Bombay in 1908, a decision was taken to establish Trained Nurses’ Association. The Association was inaugurated in 1909. In 1922, the Association of Nursing Superintendents and Trained Nurses' Association were amalgamated and called The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI). In 1974 the TNAI became a member of the Commonwealth Nurses Federation (CNF).

The following organizations also come under TNAI

  • Health Visitors’ League (1922) Midwives and Auxiliary Nurse - Midwives Association (1925) Student Nurses Association (1929 - 30).
  • Tamilnadu State Branch of TNAI is a very active member in the Association. The state branch is actively involved in the betterment of Trained Nurses in the region. The association’s involvement includes the areas of Service, Administration, Education and Research.

Office Bearers List

The Following are the members elected by the state TNAI branch and they will be in office for a period of 4 years.

Members Name Members Designation Phone No & Email Id
Dr. Jeyaseelan M Devadasan President 90470 52700
Mrs. Beaula Indrani Vice - President 90944 43124
Dr. D. Manivannan Secretary 98945 39548
Dr. S. Ani Grace Kalaimathai Treasurer 95660 41232
Prof. Mrs. D. Glory Suramanjary SNA Advisor 99434 83830
Dr. Jain Vanitha Chairperson -
Programme Committee
89399 92751
Mrs. Victoria Jeya Rani Chairperson -
Membership Committee
98404 80663
Dr. M. Kandasamy Chair Person -
Public Health
99944 95311
Mr. S. K. Balaji, TNAI No - 199458 Chair Person -
Nursing Service
94899 64627
Mrs. M. Shanmugam Rajamoni Chair Person -
Nursing Education
98949 05800
Dr. Vijaya Raja Kumar Chair Person -
Nursing Research
82203 63508
Dr. Shanthi Appavu Chair Person -
Socio Economic Welfare
94435 54881
Mrs. P. Premalatha Representative ANM / LHV & Midwife 94447 52736

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